The Chart Culture

When we say safety is our priority, we mean it. We treat each other as family and that means we look out for each other and know that a win for one is a win for the team and vice versa. Our obsession with making our customers happy, extends to internal customers day in and day out. But beyond that, we know that we spend more time at work than most anywhere else and want to make it as interesting and fun as possible for each other.

Employee Stories

"Chart looks after its employees, it pushes safety and I appreciate that."

My experience has been very positive. I have had very active managers who have pointed me in the right direction in my career. My work means a great deal to me; it is my identity. The most important metric by how I measure myself as a person are my work skills. There are so many different options for me to learn new technologies. That is what makes my job so exciting; I do not have a moment where I think, “What do I need to do now?” There is always something to do! My role in the company is to provide our manufacturing facility the tools it needs to build the products more efficiently. The IT department is customer service and our customers are the employees on the shop floor; if they are successful, the IT department is successful. Chart gave me the opportunity I needed to start my career and my family. I have had two kids; I have earned my Bachelors and multiple IT certifications.

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"I appreciate the family atmosphere at work... and an opportunity for developing my skills through fruitful training."

I have been working for Chart Ferox since 2016. My journey here began in a different role. I started as a Production Scheduler. I focused on the production of vaporizers, interconnecting piping, skids, etc. Mostly known as "accessories". This was my first job after graduating from the University of Economics in Prague Czech Republic. I moved into a Project Manager role which was a huge opportunity for me, I take care of LNG filling stations around the world. I like my job. Every day is different and I can do what I studied and what suits me. I appreciate the family atmosphere at work, and the opporunities for developing skills through fruitful training. Thanks Chart for letting me grow.

Cool Minds, Warm Hearts

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We answer the call to serve

When it comes to improving or helping the communities which we serve, and in which we live around the world, Chart team members show up and show out.

More Than A Job

Our team is Cooler than the rest

Cooler by design® is more than just a tagline. We live the cool life in all ways! Whether it's rock paper scissors tournaments to win event tickets, or team members dressing as each other for fun, we have perfected the art of enjoying each other's company and having fun as we make incredible results happen.
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