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Cryogenic Carbon Capture™ (CCC)

Has the potential to reduce carbon emissions from fossil fueled power plants by 95 to 99% with half the cost and energy of other carbon capture processes. CCC also removes harmful pollutants, such as SOx, NOx and mercury. Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES), the company that developed CCC, was acquired by Chart in 2021.

Conceptually Simple and Proven Process

Cryogenic Carbon Capture technology

  • Captures up to 99% of emissions from natural gas, coal, cement and biomass
  • Lowest cost and easiest retrofit carbon capture technology
  • Integrated grid scale energy storage
  • Produces high purity liquid CO2

"Of all these [carbon capture] processes, I regard the CCC process to have the greatest potential." Howard Herzog, MIT Energy Initiative

Perfect Fit

CCC is a perfect fit with Chart's IPSMR® process technology, brazed aluminum heat exchangers, liquid CO2 storage tanks and transportables providing liquid CO2 for end-use applications.

Energy Storing

CCC's 'Energy Storing' implementation also enables highly efficient grid scale energy storage with better use of renewable energy sources that virtually eliminates the parasitic load during peak demand.

Easy Retrofit

CCC is a true bolt-on technology that can be fitted onto existing plants or integrated into new plants for additional energy saving benefits.

Proven in the field

SES and partners teamed up to deliver the cement industry's first integrated carbon capture pilot plant and have also conducted successful field demonstrations using natural gas, coal and bio-mass as exhaust gas sources.



Check out the frequently asked questions about Cryogenic Carbon Capture with responses from our expert team.

How Cryogenic Carbon Capture Works

Cryogenic Carbon Capture technology


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Cryogenic Carbon Capture

Our carbon capture process can significantly reduce the cost of producing high purity liquid CO2 while enabling grid-scale energy storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about Cryogenic Carbon Capture? Check out our frequently asked questions with responses from our expert team.

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