From standalone vaporizers to applications including storage and transfer piping, our vaporizers and systems have become the industry standard.

Ambient Air Vaporizers

SuperGap™ high performance ambient vaporizers provide zero cost heating for a huge variety of liquid gases and cryogens.

Circulating Water Vaporizers

Plant cooling water, once through river water, or a closed loop water/glycol system can be used to vaporize cryogenic fluids with these units.

ThermaBlock™ Electric Vaporizers

ThermaBlock™ units are the culmination of a complete re-engineering of our electric vaporizer portfolio.

Water Bath Vaporizers

Water bath vaporizers are recommended where robust operation and ballast heat is desired. Models are available to heat the water bath via electricity, steam or combustion gases.


Chart Parts provides replacement components for products manufactured by Chart Industries and other manufacturers of cryogenic, CO2 beverage, LN2 dosing, water treatment, and LNG equipment. Since 2002, Chart Parts has been providing high-quality parts with customer & technical services support – so you get the right replacement parts at the right time to keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency. We leverage our OEM-approved suppliers, assuring you genuine parts at a competitive price.


Engineered Systems

Complete custom engineered packaged cryogenic storage and vaporization solutions for a wide range of applications across industry, science, energy, medical, food and beverage, leisure, water treatment and more.

SuperGap™ EMEAI Specs

All SuperGap™ ambient vaporizer models are PED certified and CE marked, severe thermal cycling per ANSI B31.3, seismic requirements per UBC zone 4 and crateless design.

Supergap™ US Specs

Multiple standard features with a host of extras including stainless steel and other alloy liners, design pressures >15,000 psig, Gale Force design for 150mph wind loads, low pressure drop designs and more.

Vaccuum Jacketed Pipe

Also known as vacuum insulated pipe, VJP delivers a thermal efficiency >10 times better than traditional foam insulated pipe and is a key component in Chart's cryogenic engineered systems.


Technical Library

View and download sales literature, technical manuals and more.

Data Book for Cryogenic gases and equipment

Engineered Systems

A custom built, application focused cryogenic packaged solution comprising principal Chart built storage tanks, vaporizers, vacuum insulated pipe with associated control and automation systems.

Engineered Systems (Flipbook)

A custom built, application focused cryogenic packaged solution comprising principal Chart built storage tanks, vaporizers, vacuum insulated pipe with associated control and automation systems.

Ambient Air Vaporizer for Liquid Cylinders (Made in US)

DBA-3M model economically boosts the gas withdrawal rates for Dura-Cyl and Cryo-Cyl liquid cylinders.

Ambient Air Vaporizers – Mega-fin for CO2

Ambient air vaporizer that can be used for CO2 service indoors or with high minimum ambient air temperatures.

Ambient Air Vaporizers – Thermafin Supergap (Made in EMEAI)

Supergap™ natural draft Ambient Vaporizers provide zero cost heating and vaporization for liquid gases and cryogens including nitrogen, oxygen, argon, LNG, hydrogen and helium. (LHe).

Ambient Air Vaporizers – Thermafin Supergap (Made in US)

For high pressure to high flow applications.

Ambient Air Vaporizers -VRV’s line of standard vaporizers (Made in India)

For LIN-LOX-LAR-LNG and LCO2 applications.

Ambient Vaporizers – Hybrid Supergap (Made in US)

For maximizing heat transfers through 4” gaps for extended operations.

Ambient Vaporizers - Pressure Building (Made in US)

Designed for use to maintain pressure in bulk cryogenic tanks.

Electric Vaporizers – ThermaBlock (Made in US)

Compact electric unit uses single power line to warm liquids

Electric Vaporizers – Water Bath (Made in US)

Electrically heated water is used as heat source for vaporizing cryogenic fluids.

Indirect Fired Water Bath Vaporizer IFWB (Made in US)

Product range includes stationary and trailer mounted units.

Steam Sparged Water Bath Vaporizers (Made in US)

Ensuring smooth and reliable vaporization using Vortex-Flow tube bundles located within hot water bath.

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