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Solutions and Equipment to Aid in the Fight Against COVID-19

In response to the current crisis Chart is repurposing storage tanks, utilizing inventory and working with suppliers across the supply chain to reduce the lead-time on mobile oxygen units.

Technical Library

View and download sales literature, technical manuals and more.

Liquid Oxygen Supply for Medium Sized Hospital

Case study on 128 bed hospital upgrading from liquid cylinders to bulk storage tanks. Resulted in increased supply and safety of the liquid supply.

Liquid Oxygen System for Increased Ventilator Supply

Case study on putting Emergency LOX backup system in place to support high flow oxygen needs.

Chart ramps up production of critical care products from, April 2020

Engineered Systems Catalog

Perma-Cyl-MicroBulk solutions

Designated for users to have benefits of on-site gas delivery without the hassle of swapping full for empty. Manufactured in US

Orca HL Series

MicroBulk pump transfer delivery unit manufactured in US.

Orca XT Series

MicroBulk pressure transfer delivery unit manufactured in US.

Orca ST Series

MicroBulk pump transfer delivery unit manufactured in US.

Dura-Cyl Caster Base

Premium liquid cylinders with cater base manufactured in US.

Dura-Cyl footring

Premium liquid cylinders with footring base manufactured in US.

Mobile Equipment - Delivery Units MDX

Products manufactured in Europe for EMEAI regions.

Mobile Hospital Trailer

Manufactured in US.

VHR Series

High performance storage system with industry leading hold times and a stainless steel, low maintenance outer shell. Manufactured in US

Dura-Cyl® Liquid Oxygen Storage

• Remote fill of portable liquid oxygen systems that supply oxygen to home health care and nursing home patients who are prescribed supplemental oxygen • Variety of sizes giving flexibility in transportation and resupply • Liquid cylinders are exchanged full for empty and are instantly deployable

Perma-Cyl® MicroBulk Storage Systems

• Liquid oxygen storage for respiratory healthcare in smaller demand applications like outpatient surgery centers, nursing homes, small hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities • Oxygen source in a field hospital and/or pop-up medical facility

Orca™ MicroBulk Delivery Systems

Chart's Orca mobile units are a critical piece of equipment in the delivery of liquid oxygen. • Equipped to fill liquid cylinders and tanks of all sizes • Maneuverable and hence especially suited to urban areas and difficult locations where the roads are too narrow for a bulk liquid oxygen transport trailer

Mobile Hospital Oxygen Trailer

Trailer mounted complete medical oxygen storage and gas distribution system. • Suitable for hospitals and clinics, field hospitals, pop-up medical facilities • Liquid storage with built-in vaporization for direct supply of oxygen gas • Provides up to 3 days continuous oxygen supply

Critical Care Video

We're proud to be supporting the global fight against COVID-19


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