Applicable Solutions

As well as the standard liquid gases mentioned above, transport solutions for liquid nitrous oxide, ethylene, propane, butane, butadiene and ethylene oxide are available on request.


Unrivaled Expertise and Pedigree

Chart has cryogenic trailer manufacturing across the US, in Europe and in China. In the US our Theodore, AL facility traces its history back to the James Russell Engineering Works, Inc., and in Europe incorporates renowned specialist GOFA and the capabilities of another Chart acquisition, VRV.

Chart engineers will work with you to determine the best configuration for your requirements and, regardless of manufacturing location, all equipment is built to the same highest quality standards and in accordance with all associated relevant pressure vessel and transportation codes and regulations.

Liquid Hydrogen Delivery Units

Engineered and built to address the challenges of optimizing payload, reliability and maintainability to meet growing market demand for liquid hydrogen.

liquid hydrogen transport trailer

Our facility in Theodore, Al has been designing and building liquid hydrogen trailers for more than 55 years, including North America's very first vehicle.


Theodore, AL

In October 2020, Chart acquired a 300,000 ft2 facility in Mobile, Alabama. While the factory had a proud legacy and industry leading liquid hydrogen trailer manufacturing, it had limited capacity.
In 18 months Chart has increased trailer capacity 5-fold and created >130 jobs in clean tech.


European Manufacture

GOFA, based in Germany, is Chart's specialist European manufacturer providing a complete range of truck bodies including rigids, semi-trailers, mini-bulk and swap bodies.

  Cryogenic Trailers for LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, LBG and Ethylene

lng transport trailer
oxygen transport trailer
cryogenic transport trailer

Stainless steel inner and outer vessels.


Features & Specifications:

  • Ergonomic piping design
  • Best in class vacuum and hold times
  • Low center of gravity
  • Rear side and center cabinet
  • Various pressure stages

For liquid carbon dioxide trailers:

  • Duplex material
  • Foam insulated tank
  • Optional vacuum insulated tank

Innovation is Our Strength

Introducing the new generation of cryogenic transport trailers for the European market. A combined effort from our GOFA, Flow Instruments and VCT Vogel subsidiaries.


China Manufacture

Cryogenic transport trailers for oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide and LNG engineered and manufactured in China in accordance with all applicable domestic transport and pressure vessel legislation.

cryogenic transport trailer

  • Available as single, double and triple axle configurations
  • Designed and built fully in accordance with Chart specifications and standards
  • Incorporates all Chart features for safety, efficiency and ergonomic design


Flexible lease terms available across Chart's complete range of storage and distribution products including cryogenic storage tanks, vaporizers, MicroBulk systems and mobile units. Available across North America and rapidly expanding across Europe.


Through our VRV subsidiary Chart continues to provide the Ullyses cryogenic semi-trailer for LIN, LOX, LAR, LH2, LCO2, LN2O and LNG.

  • Available as full stainless steel, full aluminum, bi-metallic aluminum/stainless steel or bi-metallic carbon steel/stainless steel
  • Capacities from 2,000 to 67,000 liters
  • Pressure range from 3 to 24 bar
  • Design temperature -196C
  • Designed according to EN 13530/TPED or ASME VIII
  • Multi-layer super insulation with vacuum
  • All stainless steel pipe and valves
  • Automotive grade 3 finish, 3 layers according to customer specifications
  • Scope also includes pressure building vaporizer, safety relief devices for both inner and outer vessels and complete plumbing arrangement for normal operation

cryogenic semi-trailer


Technical Library

View and download sales literature, technical manuals and more.

Aftermarket - Cryogenic Systems (Europe)

Summary of Chart's extensive European network for aftermarket services including servicing, repairs, refurbishments, spare parts and leasing.

Cryogenic Systems (EMEAI)

Summary of the cryogenic systems engineered and built by Chart in Europe for the EMEAI region.

Flow Instruments - Calibration and Service

Aftermarket services available from Flow Instruments to keep your flow measurement equipment operating at peak accuracy.

Flow Metering Systems - Gaseous Hydrogen

Gaseous hydrogen flow metering systems from Flow Instruments.

Flow Metering Systems - LIN LOX LAR CO2

Flow metering systems for liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide from Flow Instruments.

Flow Metering Systems - LNG

LNG metering systems from Flow Instruments.

Made in China – Industrial Gases Catalogue

ISO’s available in multiple cryogenic services for intermodal transportation needs.

Tank Trailers & Containers

For gases, liquids and dry bulk. Manufactured by GOFA.

Creating a Competitive Advantage in Mobile Liquid Gas Supply

Data Book for Cryogenic gases and equipment

GOFA Transport Solutions for Gases

Products manufactured in Europe for EMEAI region.

LH2 ST17600 Transport Trailer (Made in USA)

Pressure Transfer Technology ensures 300 GPM off-load rates.

LH2 ST8500 Transport Trailer (Made in USA)

Shorter, compact trailer to use in tandem or double configuration.

Liquid Tube Trailer

HP2-2500 liquid tube trailer manufactured in US.

LNG Transport Trailer

ST 12700 LNG trailer optimized specifically for transporting liquefied natural gas over US highways.

LNG Transport Trailer (US build ST-12700 & ST-16300)

Mobile Equipment - HP2-2500 Liquid Tube Trailer

Manufactured in US.

Mobile Equipment - Oil Field Nitrogen Tanks

For the high-pressure nitrogen applications, this LIN tank is designed to be truck mounted. Designed from field-tested experience in the oil fields. Manufactured in US.

Rail Car - Argon Tank Car SR-386

DOT-113A90W tank car optimised for carrying maximum payloads of argon. Manufactured in US.

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