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Continuous innovation and investment in our technology and capacity enables our customers to maximize their opportunities. Our principal design and manufacturing facility is in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Notable Chart firsts include the introduction of vacuum brazing, Core-in-Kettle®, mercury tolerant construction and Smart Layer®.


Plate fin heat exchangers are essential for cryogenic gas processing including air separation, LNG liquefaction, nitrogen rejection, natural gas liquids (NGL) recovery, propane dehydrogenation, hydrogen liquefaction and recovery and other low temperature natural gas and petrochemical processes.

Mercury Tolerant

Chart’s proprietary solution combines multiple design, material selection and fabrication features that work in tandem with guard beds to protect against attack. Since pioneering the technology in the 1980s Chart has supplied >800 mercury tolerant units with no reported field failures.

Smart Layer®

Excessive thermal gradients will weaken the unit’s integrity and can lead to external leaks developing. Typically, because these operating upsets go un-noticed, the leaks manifest without warning. With Smart Layer the leak path is contained and an emergency plant shutdown is avoided.

Service & Support

Chart is dedicated to keeping your BAHX fleets operating with maximum efficiency and longevity. Of course, we’re there for you if things go wrong, but ultimately our focus is a proactive approach to improved plant safety and reliability through increased awareness of best practice, process control, effective personnel training and attention to operating data.

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Compact & Highly Efficient

Chart Industries pioneered the use of BAHX for cryogenic gas processing in the 1950s and we’ve produced over 13,000 units since. A Chart BAHX is a highly efficient, all brazed and welded compact heat exchange device that offers distinct advantages versus other heat exchanger types. They are designed in accordance with the world’s pressure vessel codes and deployed globally.


Fronti Fabrications

With >20 years specialty cryogenic engineering and welding expertise, the acquisition of Fronti brings another cryogenic industry partner into the Chart portfolio, expands our cold box manufacturing capability and capacity, including hydrogen and helium liquefiers and creates the foundation for our mid-Atlantic flexible manufacturing location.


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Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers

Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers - After Sales Support

BAHX in LNG Processes

A Key to LNG was first published in Hydrocarbon Engineering in October 2017.

BAHX Reboiler Best Practice

Best practice for design and operation of reboilers with plate-fin brazed aluminum heat exchangers (BAHX). First printed in Gas Processing & LNG - March/April 2019.

Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers for Process Optimization

Keeping BAHX at Peak Performance Using DCS Analysis

How leveraging insights from distributed control systems can keep heat exchangers operating at peak performance. First published in Hydrocarbon Engineering (December 2019).

Scaling up LNG Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers for mid-scale LNG Liquefaction

First published in LNG Industry March 2016.

Smart Layer – A Smarter System

Explaining Chart's passive system for detecting end of service life for plate fin heat exchangers. First published in Hydrocarbon Engineering (December 2018).


BAHX Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual - January 2022 edition.

Cold Box Installation, Operation, Maintenance Manual (Jan 2021)

Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers Product Bulletin

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Cryogenic Nitrogen Rejection Unit

Weighing 1376 tons and containing over 7 miles of welding, these cold boxes were built and shipped from our facility in New Iberia, LA to a natural gas processing plant in the State of Qatar.

Interesting Facts

SCF/D of natural gas processing capacity

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Brazed aluminum heat exchangers are at the heart of our standard and modular plant solutions for small- and mid-scale LNG and cryogenic nitrogen rejection.