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Custom designed vertical and horizontal cryostats for research applications. Scope includes thermal screen cooling with liquid nitrogen or return helium, magnetic shield, high vacuum chamber, full instrumentation and control unit.

Helium Dewars

NMH Series light weight aluminum dewars. Easy handling, low heat loss and high level vacuum. Non-magnetic for MRI services (Magnetic Resonance Imagery). 60, 100 and 250 liters capacity. Optional IATA (air freight) compliance.

MSB Series

Robust stainless steel construction and qualified for road transportation (0038/TPED/4001337/AV). Capacities from 30 to 5000 liters. Ideal liquid helium storage, transport and handling solution for nuclear research centers, laboratories, universities, medical centers and biological institutions. Non-magnetic carbon rate for MRI services (Magnetic Resonance Imagery).

MS Series

Vertical and horizontal tanks for transport and storage of liquid helium from 30 to 20.000 liter capacity (stationary tanks from 1,000 to 20,000 liters). Tailored according to customer requirements (dimensions, design and working pressure, connections, coating etc). Design and manufacturing in accordance with European directive 2014/68/UE (PED).

CTH Series

Horizontal, skid mounted solution for transport and storage of liquid helium. Stainless steel inner vessel and painted carbon steel outer vessel. Active thermal shielding using boil-off gas. Long term static vacuum. Design, manufacturing and testing according to EN13530. Complies with European transportable regulation 2010/35 UE.


Liquid Helium Valve Boxes

Cool liquid helium at 4°K to 1,8°K. Valve boxes are typically associated with high-performance cryostats and research applications with super conducting requirements.

liquid helium valve boxes

Multi Header Lines and Cryogenic Loop Heat Pipes

liquid helium pipe

cryogenic loop heat pipes


Technical Library

View and download product literature and specification sheets.

CTH Helium Storage Tank

Horizontal, skid mounted liquid helium tank.

MS Series Helium Tanks

Tank capacities from 1,000 to 18,000 liters.

MSB Series Helium Dewars

Storage and transport of liquid helium.

NMH Series Helium Dewars

Aluminum cryocylinders for storage and transportation of liquid helium.

SCOH Mobile Gas Filling Station

Vacuum Superinsulated Lines

Custom engineered vacuum superinsulated pipe.

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