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Standard Plant Solution

Commercially viable solution for the liquefaction of smaller gas volumes typically associated with biogas. Bio-LNG can be used at source for power generation, fueling natural gas vehicles and bunkering, loaded into cryogenic containers and transported for regional use or vaporized and injected into the pipeline.


Technical Library

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Energy Independence Through Small-Scale LNG

Solutions for the distribution, storage and end-use of LNG as an alternative to imported pipeline gas.

A Nexus of Clean Energy

First published in Global Hydrogen Review, Chart experts discuss the core cryogenic technology that connects LNG, hydrogen and carbon capture paving the way to cleaner, sustainable energy for all.

BAHX in LNG Processes

A Key to LNG was first published in Hydrocarbon Engineering in October 2017.

Micro Liquefiers for Biogas- C15MR and C15

Vertically integrated technologies to add Micro Liquefaction with the option for LBG Liquefaction on the C15 Mixed Refrigerant (MR) Series.

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